Wednesday, August 18, 2010

One Depressed Dog.

When Suzy and the kids left on Friday, Ouchi, the happy-go-lucky-wag-my-tail-till-it-hurts dog started sulking. At first she just moped and wondered the compound aimlessly. But then it escalated. Each day something new was destroyed. She chewed the stuffing out of couch pillows one day and gnawed through her leash the next. 

What can I say? She has lost her spark for life.

Today wasn’t so bad. She played football with the boys and ran about cheerfully. She has even decided to eat her food again. Stacy says she’s moping as much for Jane (our cook that returned to Nairobi after 6 months) as she is for the kids. I think she might be right. Ouchi’s life is either in the kitchen or chasing kids.

Hopefully she’ll snap out of it soon. But who knows, it might take them all coming back for her to bounce back. We’ll see.