Sunday, August 1, 2010

Face Off.

Today I helped sow a man’s face back on. I’m not taking any credit. I’m saying I had the privilege of watching and dabbing away the blood from time to time. He was brought in unconscious after being thrown from a motor bike. It’s still unclear to me if he was driving or just the passenger.

His forehead peeled back like a trap door revealing the hard skull beneath. His left lower eyelid gaped at me, bloody and mashed. It looked like someone had taken a bite out of it, exposing the bloodshot conjunctiva beneath. I honestly wondered if he’d loose it all together.

His upper lip was ripped away from his nose, leaving it swollen to two times its size. And his chin had a gash a 1/2 inch deep that looked as if someone had drilled it with a screwdriver. Then there was the road rash all over his arms and chest.

Mercifully he didn’t gain consciousness until we were almost finished. I wonder what he must have been thinking when he woke. He seemed less inclined to lie there though -- confused and hurting. We had to restrain him to finish the job but it wasn’t hard. He did have much fight in him.

He will have a long road of recover ahead of him. Please pray that no permanent damage was done.