Friday, August 6, 2010

Laughing him out!

Yesterday morning, just as I was getting ready to start a full day of prenatals, in walked a labor. She was having contractions every 3 minutes and they were super strong. When I found out this was her first child, I was surprised she wasn’t making more noise.

When I checked her dilation, she was already fully with the head at a +2 station (for you midwives out there). But when I looked at her, she just smiled back at me calmly and fell asleep between contractions. I would never have guessed her to be so close to delivering.

Not long afterward, she started pushing spontaneously but there was little progress. She was just getting the feel of things. After an hour or so, she worried that the baby was never going to come out.

I explained to her that she had yet to push effectively and showed her how to do it again. She got serious (with a little help from me) and found her groove. A beautiful baby boy was born just 30 minutes later!

When he came out, I was astonished. He was so long. It felt like he would never end! He was more legs and arms than anything else but also had the typical oblong shaped head of a first-time mom.

She laughed when she saw his funky shaped head and tried to rub it back down. She giggled at how funny he looked and then... we all joined her. It was such a fun birth. She was so thrilled to have his little boy.

She was so excited to push and was so strong! Would you believe she never once screamed out in pain. Even during the crowning stage she didn’t make a peep. The only noise coming from our room was that of laughter and a baby crying!