Tuesday, August 24, 2010

What's Bread?

Today a very pregnant and very sick woman came in with malaria.  She had been vomiting for some time. It was bad. We started her on meds immediately… but went the tablet route so that she’d have time to make it home. If she had gotten an IV she might have to be admitted over night. The problem was… her vomiting.

So we gave her an anti-emetic as well. But by the time we got her all her meds she had to swallow… and keep down 7 tablets. Yikes.

Knowing she needed to take them with food, I snuck into the kitchen and grabbed a piece of bread. But when I handed it to her, she looked suspicious. I told her it was bread. She should eat it to keep down the medicine.

Again… she looked confused. “What’s bread?”

She had never eaten bread before and wasn’t sure she’d like it. I assured her it tasted fine and laughed. I can’t tell if I just misunderstood or she has never really had bread before.

But when I think about it... if someone served me millet porrige, I’d likely turn my nose in questioning suspicion too. Can ya blame her?