Friday, August 6, 2010


Today all of our staff went on strike. Not a one showed up for work.

They are disputing their pay and were hoping to make the clinic close down. They thought they were indispensable. But they aren't.

They all showed up late in the morning and were furious when we wouldn't stop caring for the patients and hear their complaints. They were angry that we were able to function without them.

But in fact, today went smoother than anyone expected. We were able to find translators to cover us and were even done by lunch! Imagine that 125 patients by lunch! ha.

Tomorrow is conflict resolution time so please be praying. Some of them will be losing their jobs due to their actions. And all the rest will be on suspension for three days.

Pray for the clinic all next week as we will be pulling extra hours and scrounging for translators. And pray that they understand they are only hurting their community by their actions -- not us.