Thursday, August 12, 2010

Shift Change.

Tonight is the last night of some of our short term volunteers. Jessica and Daniel (who’ve been here two months) are heading home. The have blessed us so much with their faithful service. I’ll miss them.

Jessica’s a nurse and has taught me a lot at the clinic. What’s more is she has shown me an example of joyful service that I’ll not soon forget. I keep praying and asking her to come back. Everyone has. Plus I’m pretty sure at least 4 men here would marry her on the spot. I can’t blame them. She’s a keeper. That’s what makes saying goodbye so hard.

Daniel (my adoptive younger bro) fits into that same category for me. He has encouraged me so consistently and powerfully over these last two months, I’m not sure I’m ABLE to let him go. I see so many gifts in him... so many amazing gifts... that my heart is to keep him here. To let him go means to lose a powerful prayer warrior and talented teacher. I know God has other plans for him... but it’s hard not being selfish.

A couple from California, Paul and Elaine, also will be leaving. They are so fun at dinner time and they live to tell people about Jesus. I love that. They were a joy to have these last few weeks. Elaine helped from teaching the kids to counting meds in the pharmacy and Paul taught the pastors along with Sabet and Daniel.

With them go a few others on staff... but only for a month’s respite. Suzy and the kids, Caleb and Jane (who’s going for 6 months). They will all be missed.

As they leave, two guys from CA have come to dig a bore hole -- Chris and Eric. Soon, we’ll have a water hole in Malone. What a blessing! Also, our lab technician arrived. His name is George and he’s Kenyan. I can’t wait to be able to run tests. Yeah!

Welcome all! Goodbye dear friends.