Thursday, August 26, 2010


My favorite employee got fired today. I’m bummed.

I’ve been training a guy named Natali in the antenatal room for 2 almost 3 months. He was good. He translated well. He understood the details of midwifery... what’s more, he wanted to know it. He was eager to learn.

During births he was compassionate and encouraging. One time he crawled up on the delivery bed and helped a woman into a supported squat. He didn’t think it strange, nor did she. But I know none of our other staff would have done it... not even on threat of termination. He was different. He was a very understanding Dinka man. I never saw him get angry with any of the patients. I had high hopes for him.

But I’m told he didn’t play well with others. He almost got in a fist fight with one of the other employee (who is an instigator) and then this week, he seems to have been acting out a lot – refusing to do his work, arguing, ... I’m not sure what else.

So today, they terminated his contract. I’m bummed because he is my friend, a good “midman” and he needed this job. He’s expecting a baby any day. I’m sad because the yahoos that still work with us pale in comparison to his eagerness to work well (at least for me). I also bummed because... now I have to start all over again.

Please pray we find honest, hard working and eager to learn national staff. I especially ask for a woman to train. One that can work with me almost exclusively in the antenatal room – even two would be even better.
Natali learning to use a feteoscope.