Wednesday, August 25, 2010

Why do you love our women so much?

Today a young mom-to-be came in terribly sick with malaria. She thought she was in labor but wasn’t. (Malaria if not treated quickly can cause contractions and prematurity.) Instead she was just very sick.

I tested her immediately and got her the drugs she needed. Then I called her husband in so I could explain to them both how to take the meds and assure them that she was not in labor quite yet.

He was a soldier dressed in fatigues with a strong, pleasant disposition. And he was tall. I didn’t even reach his shoulders. I’d guess he’s 6 foot 7 or so. I felt like a midget.

I did all my explaining to the woman (almost ignoring her husband). He was there only as back up in case she was too sick to understand. They both listened carefully, happy to get answers and help.

After praying for her and asking her to come back in a month, the husband asked with a laugh of incredulity, “Why do you love our women so much?”

I smiled and looked at him a little confused. My translator was laughing with him too. At first, I thought it was meant as a compliment. And it possibly was. But the sound in his voice was one of confusion and disbelief... and wonder.

Then he asked again, “Why DO you love OUR women so much?”

It made me stop and think. What had I done to impress this man? I had not acted any different with his wife than I had with the 15 women before her. Was it because I looked at her, spoke to her kindly, touched her and prayed?