Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Preterm Sadness.

Another preterm baby came in today. His mom was in a lot of pain but didn’t look anywhere near as bad as her baby did. We did a Ballard’s score (to tell how preterm the baby is) which placed her at about 27 weeks gestation. She only weighed 1.8 kg.

It seems prematurity is epidemic around here.

The baby had a number of problems. Her breathing wasn’t good-- nasal flaring, chest retractions, apnea. Plus, she wouldn’t suck. She looked like she was barely hanging on. My heart went out to her. But I had hope.

Then something changed. As Denis was doing the physical exam, he couldn’t find an anus. He called me over for a second opinion. Nada. The baby had an imperferate
anus (in short: the anus is missing). In the states, this requires surgery and pretty quick.

But here?

Denis referred them to Wau but they didn’t look even remotely interested in going. Lord, may this tiny treasure find her way to Your precious arms soon. May her suffering cease.