Saturday, August 14, 2010

Vasa Previa?

A mom is at our clinic right now in very serious condition. She had painless vaginal bleeding after ROM (rupture of membranes) a day and a half ago. By the time she got to us, her pulse was through the roof and her blood pressure non-existent. She was in shock.

We got her stabilized and after several liters of IV fluids, found her blood pressure. But it's pretty low still. But her baby is dead. There are no fetal movements and I can't find a heart beat. What's worse... I can't even find a placental sound.

My best guess right now is vasa previa or placenta previa.

The problem is... she is not responding to induction methods. My hope was to get the baby out quickly so we could control the bleeding. But we are hesitant to insist on induction since her risk of DIC (disseminated intravascular coagulation -- a blood clotting disorder that can happen after hemorrhage of this type) is very possible.

Her family is doing a mad scramble for funds so they can get her to Wau (nearest hospital). But it's taking forever. I'm frustrated because we asked them to start looking for money hours ago but they just sat there. I don't think they believe me when I say she can go downhill very quickly.

They've found some money... but need more. But they also need transportation there. Lord, please provide us with an ambulance. We desperately need one. Sigh.

Pray she lives even though her baby hasn't. Pray. Pray! PRAY!!!