Wednesday, August 18, 2010

King George.

George. George. George of the Jungle is our new lab technician. He’s Kenyan and loves Jesus. He talks a mile a minute and has some of the funniest facial expressions. I think if I understood half of what he said, I’d be in stitches. But .... he’s hard to get.

Today he was telling me a joke. The poor man had to tell it twice and explain some of the words before I got it. I think my foreign accent application is on the fritz. I can’t get a lot of what is spoken among the ‘English speaking’ Kenyans. ha ha. Oh Lord open my ears, that I might hear intelligible things here in Sudan. :- ) he he.

We call him King George because so far he’s the man to beat in scrabble. I found him reading the dictionary on Sunday in preparation for a match with Margaret. He’s pretty cocky about winning. I have not had a turn yet. But I’m ready for a smack down. Meaning, I intend to clobber him... the problem is.... I’m not sure I can. Stay tuned for scrabble updates.

Anyway... I write only to introduce the newest member of our team. He’ll be helping us with laboratory tests once the lab gets set up completely. We are all very excited for this new possibility at the clinic.

Imagine a clinic able to properly diagnose and treat infections! Woohoo!

Can I get an AMEN?!